Meet Kenny Friedman of Smonk You

Meet Kenny Friedman of Smonk You

Katie Steuernagle
Jul 19, 2010

We've got a mommy blog you have to add to your blogroll. Only he's not a mommy. He's a daddy. We recommend starting with Kenny's first entry, back when he was so nervous around kids that all he could say to them was "I like your shoes". You'll be amazed at how far he's come, and you'll laugh the whole time. There's no sappiness or pretension or Mr. Mom buffoonery (except when he tells his pregnant wife she looks bloated). Just hilarious musings on life and a couple of shameless pleas for free corporate sponsorship swag. Read Kenny's interview below.

Name: Kenny Friedman
Location: just outside Minneapolis, MN
Children: Miloh, 6 months
Website: Smonk You

Tell us a little bit about your blog. How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

My blog is about my journey from being a guy who was totally freaked out by kids to becoming a father. I mainly started it because I have a knack for having no filter and saying the wrong thing. I got into trouble the day after we found out my wife was pregnant when I said she looked bloated...then I had another gaffe the next day when I said her nausea was psychosomatic. So a friend told me I should start a blog and Smonk You was born. That was about a year ago.

We're intrigued by Miloh's floor bed. Can you tell us more about the philosophy behind it and how it's working out so far?
The reason for the floor bed is because it's part of the Montessori in the home philosophy. My wife is a Montessori teacher and learned about how to set up a kid's room to compliment the classroom environment. The why of the floor bed is hardish to basically allows the child to explore his/her environment on their own. It gives them a sense of independence. It's working out pretty well...we love that when we put him to sleep we can lay down on the floor with him until he falls asleep. The funny thing that's been happening is that he started rolling early, 6 weeks, and now rolls a he rolls off the bed a lot. We find him in the middle of the room when we wake him in the morning. One day we heard a clanging then some giggling coming from his room. We found him playing with the metal trash can we had in his's now in the hall. I have some posts that go into it a bit more here.

Before your son was born, you blogged that you felt anxious about newborns' wobbly heads. We've noticed that lots of expectant fathers have expressed the same thing. Why do you think that is?
Maybe guys are freaked out by babies because in general I think they are around babies less growing up then girls might seem like and old-fashioned comment but I think more girls get involved and babysit than boys. So we don't have experience with the wobbly head. The wobble is freaky and one reason I didn't like holding other people's kids...although the stage he's in now was worse for me before I had him because he's super squirmy right now. Years ago I'd be freaked out to hold a squirmy I'm a pro and one hand hold him upside down and such.

Your blog has an awesome "Gear Thursday" feature. What's number one on your gear wish list these days? Conversely, anything you've bought but then didn't end up using so much?
Number one on my personal list is a new lens for my camera...but for Miloh it's a cool trike or early bike. I have been thinking about this since we found out we were pregnant...and I look back and started the post 9/9/9 and I'm waiting until Miloh is old enough to post it. If I had to pick one I might say the, now unavailable James Pearse tricycle. However I think it's just a modified Schwinn Roadster tricycle so I think we'll get one of those, powder coat it all black and get accessories to match the look of the James Pearse will be an stupidly expensive trike. We used our bottle sanitizer 3 times and we never used our glider rocking chair, we use an Eames rocker knock-off instead.

What are your favorite websites/blogs?
My fave mommy blogs are: Harpers Happenings, The 818, Parenting in Progress and Mommy Wants Vodka. My fave non-kid related ones are Wooster Collective, John K Stuff and Cool Info Graphics.

Do you have any advice for the expectant fathers out there?
I'd say don't be the cliche "I won't change a diaper" kind of guy. Also get a camera...get a nice camera...get nice lenses for that camera...get an external flash for that camera...get these all before you have the baby because it will be the last big purchase you can make for yourself in a while.

Head on over to SmonkYou to read more. Thanks, Kenny!

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