Unpack Now or Later: What Is Your Style?

Unpack Now or Later: What Is Your Style?

Tanya Lacourse
Jul 29, 2010

I recently visited a friend who had been living in North Carolina for one year before moving back into her condo on the North Shore. Between the Thursday she moved in and the following Sunday I saw her, she had already unpacked her 3-story, 2 bedroom townhouse in its entirety, including displaying an array of books on the nightstand in the spare room that may interest guests.

No, my friend is not superwoman. She had lived in this space for a couple of years prior so she had already decided on furniture and curtains for the space. Apparently, she placed everything back where it had been a year before.

I asked myself, what I would have done. Where's the fun in decorating in four short days if you know exactly what the end result will be? Isn't decorating an investigation and an exploration, a journey rather than a destination? Would I have wanted to recreate the exact same space the second time around? Surely I would have edits to make or be into different colors or want to upgrade a frame or two.

I have been living in my apartment for one year and only have two of the smallest rooms finished. I fantasize (and obsess) about having the "perfect" space, but realize that creating a home is more like working out an intricate puzzle. I do a little at a time. Live with it. Add to it. Do it over again until it fits. My approach is slow.

What is your style when it comes to unpacking and creating your home? Do you obsess to get everything perfect? Or do you let it evolve?

Image: Sarah Rae Trover

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