Kids vs Tech: Who Will Win?

Kids vs Tech: Who Will Win?

Kristen Lubbe
Jul 7, 2010

Kids say do the darndest things, don't they? It's so unbelievably hard to imagine what your child might do next and there's really no way of stopping it. Kids will ultimately get into trouble and they will most definitely break something that you really love. You can't necessarily blame your child for their insatiable curiosity, but we can all share our stories.

Not that sharing stories will make you feel much better about your own situation, but atleast you can laugh at others misfortunes. A fantastic website has provided hours of entertainment: Sh*t My Kids Ruined. We find the tech items particularly heart wrenching. Could you imagine your child scratching your new TV to the point it's completely ruined? Yeah, neither can we.

The website is full of destruction of all kinds &mdash ranging from broken car windows, paint covered beds, nailpolish covered carpet and even broken iPods. This has made us wonder what we can do to specifically protect tech. Do we just consider tech off limits or do we just have to take extra steps to continuously educate our children about the importance of carefully handling certain items?

A few months ago we talked about How to Babyproof Your Flatscreen TV. There were certainly some valid points on how to deter the TV from actually falling over, but what about screen protection?

How do you teach your kids to handle tech?

(Images: Sh*t My Kids Ruined)

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