Fun in Advertising: 7 of IKEA's Best TV Commercials

Fun in Advertising: 7 of IKEA's Best TV Commercials

Jason Loper
Oct 6, 2011

Speaking of Design as Consumer Engineering, advertising can be have a strong pull in bringing consumers to a brand. IKEA is a home brand that has a wonderful knack for using clever commercials to keep folks shopping …

It all started when I saw this commercial on Design Taxi. After getting over my initial reaction of trying to figure out how I could have my own climbing kitchen, I started thinking about how IKEA always has the most clever commercials.

IKEA often uses humor in their commercials and this one, featuring a naughty nanny doing a quick clean-up, is pretty darn funny.

If only it was as fast and easy to switch out an entire room as it is in this commercial in which a couple's bedrooms gets three quick changes.

Cleaning up can be a matter of life and death, as we learn from this funny commercial.

I like to imagine that this really is how IKEA tests its furniture. Then again, I also like to pretend a little man turns off the refrigerator light, too.

Wes Anderson directed this funny video that shows how quickly a family can feel at home in an IKEA living room. Seriously, I've seen people practically move into the mock-up rooms while shopping at IKEA, so this is pretty close to reality.

This last commercial hits home to me because I once tied some boxes that were far too large to the top of my Mini Cooper after shopping at IKEA. Luckily, I didn't experience anything quite so disastrous (yet comical) as in this commercial.

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