Fess Up! Who Adorned Your Teen Walls?

Fess Up! Who Adorned Your Teen Walls?

Carrie McBride
Jul 27, 2010

Enough time has passed that you can laugh about it now, right? We're guessing a fair share of today's teen bedrooms declare their allegiance for Team Edward or Team Jacob (or perhaps Justin Bieber for the tween crowd), but let's take a walk down memory lane and share our own embarrassing wall celebs.

I'll start. The very first photo I hung on my wall was a signed 8"x8" photo of Ricky Schroder (er, I mean "Rick") given to me on my birthday by my best friend who won it in a library reading contest. It was the only celebrity photo out in the open on my walls, but over my teen years the inside door of my closet became a collage of photos cut from Teen Beat, Tiger Beat and Sassy with some (now) perplexing choices: Johnny Depp, Jason Bateman (more Silver Spoons love), River Phoenix, Dolph Lundgren (huh??), Michael J. Fox and Michael Damian of Young and the Restless fame (where are you now?).

Over the years my mother has asked me to take it down since I haven't lived at home in nearly two decades, but I've resisted because it makes me giggle every time I open the door. It's my own little embarrassing time capsule. I'd post a photo if my mother knew how to operate a camera.

Your turn - who adorned your teen years' bedroom? The worse the better.

(Image from Awful Library Books, a hilarious blog you should all visit)

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