Do You DVD?

Do You DVD?

Janie Lee
Jul 21, 2010

The summer usually involves at least one road trip with the kids. My strategy to keep the kids entertained while making our way to the beach involves lots of music and singing, special snacks, and a totebag of new toys I buy or collect in the weeks leading up to the trip. Nothing new there; these are tried and true methods used by every parent to make the time go faster. But what about going the next step and using the DVD player?

Our friends decidedly fall into two camps - those who DVD in the car on trips and those who don't. The advantages of showing a DVD in the car are obvious - an hour or so of relatively quiet time that makes the trip go that much faster. Our worry is not so much that we think a little television is harmful, but that once you turn it on you've stepped onto the slippery slope. How many movies can they watch on one trip? Do you just turn it on for road trips or does it also come on for running errands?

My husband and I came up with a solution that works for us. We purchased portable car DVD players that attach to the headrest. This way we can use them for long car trips but we can easily take them down and store them at other times. Our hope was that this would prevent any arguments when in the car NOT on road trips. So far, so good!

So we're interested in hearing from you and whether you DVD in the car and when?

Image: Car and Driver

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