All-Natural, Effective Air Freshener Febreze Alternatives?

All-Natural, Effective Air Freshener Febreze Alternatives?

Cambria Bold
Oct 24, 2011

Q: Because of pregnancy-induced smell aversions, I have been practically living with a can of Febreeze Air Effects in my hand. It's the only thing I've found that actually clears the air of the dog food smells, cooking smells, the fridge, the garbage ... everything that even remotely stinks gets a spray a few times a day. But the ingredients aren't listed on the back of the can, and I can only imagine that it's not anything I should be constantly breathing in. Do you or the readers have any recipes for homemade air-freshener sprays OR good, healthy, green air-clearing sprays? I need something that effectively helps clear the air, nothing that just simply adds another smell. Would love your help!

Asked by Katie

Editor: Katie, you're right that most air fresheners are not something you want to be breathing in on a regular basis. We've written a few posts on all-natural alternatives, which you can find below, but we'll also open it up to our readers for their suggestions!

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